Fertility: Why We Need a Registry for the Long-Term Risks of Egg Donation


Egg donation is not ethical. 

Treating biological material that becomes children as a commodity is not ethical.

Denying children knowledge of their biology and genetic mirroring is unethical.

Preying on financially insecure women is unethical.

Denying children their full, updated medical history is unethical.

Leaving egg donors feeling taken advantage of and wondering what their own kids are doing is unethical.

Leaving half siblings unaware and potentially able to sleep with each other is unethical 


I honestly didn’t think this name would be available! Well, that’s a good start.

I hope the name is self explanatory. Mostly since I’ll be typing to myself. Also so I don’t have to explain it, which is the exact purpose of me making this blog.

The feelings of cluckiness go in and out. However, since attending my nephew’s first birthday party early this month, I have experienced much more waxing than waning of said cluckiness. 

My god it is so overwhelming and distracting at times it’s almost unbearable. Just when I think I have it under control, I receive a lovely slap across my face reminding me of BABIES BABIES BABIES with an extra large side of NURTURE.